144th Avenue 30-Inch Water Line from Broomfield Water Treatment Plant to Lowell Boulevard – City and County of Broomfield

To comply with Broomfield’s 2014 Water Model they contracted with Muller to design a new 30-inch transmission in West 144th Avenue from Broomfield’s water treatment facility to Lowell Boulevard. It replaced an undersized 12-inch line at this location that did not meet system demands and operated at high velocities and head-losses. The new 30-inch transmission line provides additional capacity to supply water from the water treatment facility into the system to the east.

In addition to the new water line, the project added four new pressure relief valves (PRVs) in the water system at various locations between 152nd and SH 7 (168th Avenue) to correct both the high and low pressures in the system. This work also involved decommissioning existing PRVs that did not provide the intended service requirements for optimizing the water pressures in the water system.

For the 30-inch transmission line design, there was little flexibility with maneuvering it around other utilities. Our team developed a good understanding of the utilities in 144th Avenue to find a route that minimized utility conflicts. Muller assisted Broomfield with coordinating relocation efforts with affected utility companies. Also, we prepared a construction phasing and sequencing plan for the water line installation, testing, and ultimate connection at the water treatment facility and the line at Lowell Boulevard.