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We are a mid-sized, employee-owned civil engineering consulting firm located in Lakewood, Colorado. We provide engineering design, program management, environmental planning, and construction management services for projects in transportation, stormwater and floodplain management, water and wastewater utilities, and structural and bridge design, primarily in the public sector.

Our passion for engineering excellence and innovative project concepts provides our clients with sensible, creative, and cost-effective solutions that address the needs of our communities. We are committed to delivering successful, context-sensitive projects that incorporate meaningful stakeholder involvement, innovative designs, and minimal environmental impacts. 

Creating Better Places, Together.

The focus of everything we do is represented by our three pillars.


Whether through our thoughtful designs or our company-sponsored volunteer opportunities, improving the communities of our great state is foundational to our purpose.


More than a consultant, we seek to become trusted partners who understand the needs, desires, and long-term goals of our clients, to deliver high-quality engineering and planning services.


We strive to build a caring community of fulfilled employees, with strong opportunities for career growth and a focus on health and well-being.

We are united by our foundational values.

  • Striving for excellence in all our endeavors
  • Conducting business with fairness and integrity 
  • Committing to the well-being of our employees
  • Being responsible members of the community

history ofmuller engineering company

We started as a small, civil engineering firm specializing in stormwater and floodplain management, owned by one passionate water resources engineer, Larry Muller. Larry incorporated Muller Engineering Company on March 17, 1980, added two team members, and started the company’s first project – a floodplain study on First Creek in Aurora, Colorado. Muller’s first construction project, Sanderson Gulch at Allison Street in Lakewood, followed in 1981. Muller added a transportation planning and design group and a water and wastewater utilities group in 1984. We designed our first significant transportation project as a prime consultant in 1987 on US 287 in Broomfield, the same year we reached $1 Million in revenue. In the years that followed, we touched every corner of our state and expanded our services to include traffic engineering and intelligent transportation systems, structural and bridge design, program management, and environmental services.

Larry was a very involved father, engineer, and businessman. He served as president of the American Society of Civil Engineers Colorado Chapter, president of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado, chairman of the Board of the West Metro Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of the Board of Red Rocks Community College. He received several honors during his career and posthumously. In 1995, Larry unexpectedly passed away. Nine Muller employees established the Employee Shareholder Legacy model that Muller continues to operate under today.

Muller steadily grew from one to 17 employees in the first 10 years. By year 20, we reached 30 employees, 49 by year 30, and upward of 130 employees by our 40th anniversary. Always headquartered in Lakewood, Muller continued that tradition with our move into Belmar in 2022.

Meet the Shareholders

As a company owned by 20 key employees, Muller’s corporate structure provides our clients with the stability of legacy ownership. Every project has the leadership and commitment of a corporate shareholder at the Project Principal level, and most also at the Project Manager level. 

Pictured: Original shareholders on purchase day, April 1996.

Focusing on
our people
is core to who we are

Our employees will tell you that the Muller culture of community sets us apart as an employer. 

1980- Muller Incorporated, March 17 v2
Muller Incorporated, March 17
Introduced Water & Wastewater Utilities Services
1990- First Project Recognition ACEC National Honor Award for Shop Creek
Received First National Project Recognition: ACEC National Honor Award for Shop Creek
Moved Office into Irongate Executive Plaza in Lakewood
New Ownership Group of nine Shareholders Begin the Second Generation of Corporate Leadership, Rob Carlson Named as President
Traffic-Engineering-&-ITS (1)
Introduced Traffic Engineering & Intelligent Transportation Systems Services
Third Generation of Corporate Leadership; A. Gray Clark Selected as New President
Muller shareholders 2017
Created Associate Shareholder Program and Introduced First Five Associates
ACEC-Colorado Recognized Founder Larry Muller with Orley O. Phillips Award, Posthumously
After 28 Years in Irongate, Moved into New Belmar Office in Downtown Lakewood
1980-First Project
Started First Project: First Creek Revised Floodplain
Introduced Transportation Group
1987- Muller Revenue Reaches $1M in Revenue- US 287 10th Avenue in Broomfield to CO 42
Reached $1M in Revenue
20 Employees Strong
Ed Haase appointed as Interim President from November 8, 1995 to December 31, 1995 following the Untimely Passing of Larry Muller
Introduced Structural & Bridge Design Services
Introduced Planning & Program Management Services
Introduced Environmental Services
ACEC-Colorado Honored Former President Rob Carlson (1996-2014) with Orley O. Phillips Award
Received Denver Post’s Top Workplaces Award for 5th Consecutive Year
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