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38th and Holly Detention Pond

Denver, Colorado

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This project included a reconstructed stormwater detention facility near the intersection of 38th Street and Holly Street. The improvements included grading to provide required flood storage volume, replacing a damaged spillway, installing a new diversion structure, and incorporating a new trail and landscaping amenities. Structural design included a new diversion structure to intercept storm drainage from an existing 66-inch storm drain under Holly Street, a new pond inlet structure, a water quality outlet structure, and a 4-span reinforced concrete box culvert to carry a pedestrian trail over a new concrete drop structure. The drop structure included decorative concrete paving and welded wire mesh gabions incorporated into the wingwalls at each drop location.


City and County of Denver


Stormwater & Floodplain Management



54-foot Concrete Box Culvert | 1 Detention Pond | 6 Grade Control Structures | 190-foot Storm Drain | 0.1 Mile Non-mountain Trail | 300 feet Water Line

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