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Westminster Station Park

Westminster, Colorado

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Westminster Station Park is a nearly 40-acre multi-purpose drainageway, detention storage facility, park, and regional transit-oriented improvement project located in Westminster along Little Dry Creek between Lowell Boulevard and Federal Boulevard. The project supports the Westminster Station located on the adjacent RTD B Rail Line which opened in July 2016.

Muller served as lead design consultant to deliver the project using the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) delivery method. In this role, Muller was responsible for hydrology and hydraulics for Little Dry Creek and tributary storm drainage systems, floodplain permitting, roadway and trail alignment and geometry, structural design, and coordination of all other design and permitting efforts.

Muller prepared the design for two low water creek crossings and three large span pedestrian bridges, including one with a single span of 156 feet, that provide park and neighborhood connectivity across the creek. Muller also prepared the design for three utility tunnels under Federal Boulevard; the largest was a 129-inch tunnel bored and jacked under the roadway.

The multi-functional design provides ecological, environmental, recreational, social, and economic benefits.

A related project is the 5-acre Nature Playground located near Lowell Boulevard. The playground focuses on sensory play, accessibility, and has something for children of all ages.


City of Westminster


Mile High Flood District


Stormwater & Floodplain Management
Structural & Bridge Design
Transportation Planning & Design


  • CASFM Grand Award for Engineering Excellence
  • APWA Colorado Chapter Project of the Year Award
  • ACEC Colorado Chapter Excellence Award for Engineering Excellence
  • ACEC National Honor Award for Engineering Excellence
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