CDOT 2013 Flood Emergency Response and Recovery Program Management – Colorado Department of Transportation Region 4

In September 2013, a cold front stalled over northern Colorado and created massive flooding. In just five days, nearly $4 billion in damage to property and infrastructure occurred along 200 miles of Colorado’s Front Range. In response to the 2013 flood, Muller Engineering Company provided support to the CDOT Region 4 Incident Command Center (ICC) Operations Section. The immediate response efforts set a goal to open the roads and provide access to residents by December 1st, 2013.  This effort resulted in 37 emergency repair projects that our group assisted in delivering through our involvement in the ICC. We were honored to help our State, its residents, and CDOT, and the ICC achieved and exceeded its goal by opening all of the roads by November 27th, 2013. 
The State also drove a “building back better” initiative, focusing on incorporating Resiliency into the overall recovery efforts which opened opportunities to gather new data and implement new practices. Our Program Management Group lead one of the largest and first-of-its-kind hydrologic reevaluations from the headwaters of the affected watersheds all the way to the Nebraska state line in order to build the roads back using better data. As the recovery efforts moved into the long-term recovery phase, CDOT asked our group to continue to help administer their Flood Recovery Office to deliver all remaining recovery work. To make the funding match the “build-back-better” mission, we also assisted in developing a modified benefit/cost ratio method (R&R) to justify and quantify incorporating more resilient infrastructure throughout CDOT’s permanent repair projects. The Program Management Group’s responsibilities included continued strategic planning, coordination of necessary resources, stakeholder engagement, reporting to state and federal partners, applications requests for funding and program and project documentation.