CDOT Receives Best in the West National Transportation Awards

CDOT cleaned up at the 2018 Western National Transportation Awards! Last week, consultants and representatives from 18 western state DOTs gathered in South Dakota for the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) annual meeting. Each year, the meeting closes with the western regional America’s Transportation Awards, where a total of nine projects are recognized for their exceptional excellence in three categories: Quality of Life/Community Development, Best Use of Technology/Innovation, and Operations Excellence.

This year, CDOT received recognition for not one but TWO projects:

The I-25 and US 24/Cimarron Street Interchange Design-Build Project

Winner: Quality of Life/Community Development ($25M to $200M)

Key Project Features: 

  • Reconstructed I-25, providing an improved highway alignment, improved ramps, new acceleration/deceleration lanes and shoulders for better I-25 operations
  • Reconstructed new and wider I-25 bridge structures
  • Enhanced the interchange traffic flow, sight distances, and safety operations
  • Provided a new connection between 8th Street and US 24 improving traffic capacity in that area up to 40 percent 
  • Includes better trail connections, improved water quality, and aesthetic enhancements

Linking Lookout – US 6 and 19th Street Project, City of Golden  

Winner: Best Use of Technology and Innovation ($25M to $200M)

Key Project Features:

  • Created a grade-separated, unsignalized interchange at US 6 and 19th Street
  • Lowered US 6 approximately 22 feet on its current alignment under 19th Street allowing 19th Street to remain at existing grade
  • Built an extended lid (bridge structure) to separate pedestrian and bicycle traffic from vehicle traffic on US 6. The lid includes landscaping, trails, and park amenities to help connect the neighborhoods west of US 6 with the city on the east side

We’re proud of our long history serving CDOT, and we’re happy to see them receive some well-deserved recognition. Congratulations, CDOT!! 

Muller Engineering Company was honored to be a part of the team that helped make the Linking Lookout project a success. To learn more about our role, check out our portfolio here:

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