CDOT RoadX Bringing the Future of Transportation

CDOT RoadX is a program within CDOT dedicated to making Colorado a national leader in using innovative technology to make transportation safer, faster, and more connected than ever by teaming with public and industry partners. Travel in today's world has never been more accessible, but Colorado faces challenges ahead as it takes on maintaining an aging transportation system amid funding constraints and a rapidly-growing population. By pursuing concepts like Connected Vehicles and driverless car technologies, or Hyperloop and ARRIVO mass transit systems, CDOT RoadX is exploring the future of how we move.To learn more about RoadX, check out their website:

Smart 70

One of CDOT RoadX's most visible projects is the Smart 70 Project, which will create a connected vehicle environment through the I-70 mountain corridor from Golden to Vail. This phased project will first take human-driven cars and connect them with real-time data that can help reduce congestion. As the technology evolves, so will the system in subsequent phases. One day soon, will we be taking driverless cars up to the mountains for our ski vacation? Only time will tell - but CDOT RoadX will be ready. Learn more about CDOT RoadX's Smart 70 project by clicking the following link.