Colorado’s Resiliency and Recovery Office Program Management – Colorado Resiliency and Recovery Office (CRRO)

The Governor formed the CRRO as a response to the 2013 Colorado Front Range Flood, to facilitate and organize rapid deployment of resources to disaster-impacted communities and provide a central reporting structure between agencies. Muller Engineering Company’s Program Management Group supported the State of Colorado and CDOT by assisting with the leadership of the Infrastructure Sector as part of the Colorado Resiliency Working Group through the CRRO. The Infrastructure Sector contributed to the development of the Colorado Resiliency Framework which establishes a structure for implementing ways that the State and local communities can rebound, adapt and thrive amidst challenges brought by natural disasters, hazards and stressors. The Framework also provides a tool for communities to identify, evaluate and address potential hazards during planning and development. The Program Management Group’s work on the Framework was specific to creating more resilient infrastructure systems. As the State’s efforts expanded in implementing Resiliency, the Risk and Resiliency Analysis (R&R) and new data from CDOT gained momentum as well resulting in larger analysis, such as the I-70 Pilot.  The work with the CRRO combined with the R&R Hydrologic Reevaluations has put Muller’s Program Management Group on the forefront of resiliency initiatives throughout the State.