Happy National Professional Engineers' Day!

On August 7th, 1907, Charles Bellamy of Wyoming became the first licensed Professional Engineer in the United States. Now, 112 years later, we celebrate National Professional Engineers' Day! 

A PE is often very busy, but here are some pictures of a few PEs that we were able to drag away from the great work they're doing. 

We’re proud to employ 61 Professional Engineers here at Muller, and they are proud to be PEs! Here are a few responses we got when we asked why they decided to become a Professional Engineer:

“To become a certified problem solver.”

“To provide a positive impact on multiple communities”

“To advance in my career and to continue learning and doing new things.”

“Because the Professional Engineer Code of Ethics reminds me why I do it – the protection of health, safety, and welfare.”

“To make the world a better place. ” (we followed up on this one. The PE wasn’t being cheesy, he really meant it!)

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