Holtwood Road Bridge Replacement over Horse Creek – El Paso County

Holtwood Road is a low volume 2-lane gravel road on the eastern border of El Paso County and western border of Elbert County in Colorado. The previous bridge was a 7- span timber bridge built in 1935. The timber bridge had a sufficiency rating of 40.0 with failing girders and pilings. The channel under and around the bridge is highly vegetated and in stable condition. Muller Engineering Company designed a new bridge with the challenge of minimizing impact to the existing channel and surrounding riparian habitats. The new bridge is a 218-foot, two-span, 35-foot out-to-out structure with BT54 prestressed concrete girders. Muller prepared the design and contract documents for the new bridge, roadway approaches, and channel improvements under the federally funded CDOT Local Agency Stewardship Program. The project required CDOT clearances for environmental impacts, utilities, right-of-way and traffic operations. Because the project is within an adjudicated floodplain, Muller completed a floodplain analysis. With no rise in the floodplain, a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) and Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) were not required, reducing engineering cost and reducing the schedule time for the project.