I-25 Broadway/Santa Fe/Alameda Interchange Complex - CDOT Region 1

The segment of I‑25 beneath Alameda was in a sump below the South Platte River and prone to flooding. This multidiscipline project involved upgrading the Alameda bridge across I‑25, utility relocations, roadway improvements, and stormwater facility upsizing. The completed project enhanced the traffic flow in the area and greatly reduced the frequency of flooding on I-25. As a major subconsultant teaming partner, Muller Engineering Company designed the relocation and upsizing of the storm sewer system and storm sewer pump station.

Project elements include new storm sewer lines ranging in size from 15-inch to 48-inches, a concrete box culvert, 13 new manholes, and 35 new inlets. The new replacement stormwater pump station is housed in a deep below ground wet well with a settling basin. The pump station has the capacity to handle the 100-year event collected in the storm sewer tributary to the area. The pump station discharges the flow into a permanent stormwater quality pond that detains and then releases the flow into the South Platte River.  A challenging element of the project was developing a plan for construction phasing of all the work while maintaining traffic flow on I-25.  Muller was retained to assist CDOT during construction.

National Recognition Award for Engineering Excellence, American Convent of Engineering Companies.