Innovations in Drop Structure Design

Muller is an industry leader in developing innovative drop structures for stream restoration projects. Many of our innovative drop structure designs developed over the years are now industry standards along Colorado's Front Range Communities. Drop structures are often necessary in urban settings, to flatten the overall gradient of a stream, reduce flow velocities and halt vertical incision. Below are some examples of Muller’s innovative approaches to drop structure design:

Colored sculpted-concrete - These drops are made to look like natural outcrops of sedimentary rock. Photo from Grange Hall Creek in Thornton

Soil Cement - These drops also appear like sedimentary rock outcrops
Photo from Shop Creek in Aurora 

Riffle Drops - These small drop features are made of a mixture of riprap, rounded cobbles, and aggregates, and mimic the riffles found in natural pool-riffle sequences.
Photo from Cottonwood Creek in Arapahoe County 

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete - These drop structures mimic rock outcroppings to create a “waterfall” appearance. The structures are made from panels that facilitate more vertical faces.
Photo from Lakewood Country Club.

Granghall Creek
Sharp Creek
Cottonwood Creek
Lakewood Country Club