Let's Go, Colorado! Proposition 110

Nobody enjoys traffic. Nobody sits in a rush hour jam and thinks, “I enjoy this.” Traffic delays you from getting to your destination. To home. To friends. To experiences. In the case of I-70 west, traffic can make you miss those experiences altogether.

We all want reduced traffic congestion. If the Colorado population continues to grow our infrastructure needs to keep up. Currently, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) revenue comes from a flat gas tax that was last raised in 1991. The good news is that cars are getting more efficient and less gas is needed. The bad news is that CDOT funding continues to decrease or stay stagnant, while its responsibilities and needs keep increasing with the population. Currently, Colorado is about 1 million people short of doubling the population in 1991.

Proposition 110 adds a sales tax to address the transportation funding deficit – the tax increase would add 6 cents on a $10 purchase. A sales tax was chosen so that Colorado's tourists become part of the solution alongside Colorado residents. The tax dollars will be used to develop Colorado's highways and advance multimodal options. Other beneficiaries are local communities and municipalities that will receive funding to update their own infrastructure. 

We encourage you to become more educated on the Proposition 110 “Let’s Go Colorado” before voting this November. Additional resources on Proposition 110, including the list of projects that will be funded if it passes, are available by clicking the links below. 

Let's Go, Colorado: Proposition 110: http://letsgocolorado.com/

Additional Information on CDOT website: https://www.codot.gov/programs/colorado-transportation-matters/together-we-go/2018_Ballot_Propositions

Proposition 110 Project List: https://www.codot.gov/programs/planning/documents/plans-projects-reports/projects/dev-prgm/project-list-for-new-revenue-sources2010-adopted-july-19-2018

Governor Hickenlooper on Prop 110 v. Prop 109: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpQKFK5nZpE&feature=youtu.be