Muller Celebrates Completion of "Linking Lookout" in Golden

Golden, CO (May 20, 2017) – Muller Engineering Company (Muller) celebrates the completion of the “Linking Lookout” project in Golden, the long-awaited intersection redesign of US 6 and 19th Street. Hundreds of residents, cyclists, and Colorado School of Mines students, in addition to 60,000 vehicles, negotiated the US 6 and 19th Street intersection in Golden each day traveling between neighborhoods and downtown, up Lookout Mountain, and between classes and student housing. The new interchange replaces the existing signalized intersection with a $25 million modified diamond interchange featuring a city park and multi-use trails built on the first highway “lid” in Colorado – a lowered underpass which allows commuters to cross 6th Avenue safely.

The name “Linking Lookout” represents that the project serves as a connection between Downtown Golden and the communities at the base of Lookout Mountain with a beautiful and user-friendly path. The design helps bikers, pedestrians and cars cross over US 6 safely without hindering the flow of traffic. The City of Golden partnered with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to make the project come to fruition.

The team members Gray Clark, Muller’s President; Matt Andrews, Project Principal; and Nancy Lambertson, Project Manager, attended the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to help celebrate the project’s completion.  

Golden aerial 1.JPG