Muller V-Ball Team Al G. and the Cuttlefish End 2019 Season with BBQ, Awards

Al G and the Cuttlefish, Muller’s volleyball team since 1991, closed out their 2019 season last night with some burgers, brats, and volleyball in our office courtyard. This year we had stylish shirts, great attendance, and awards to highlight teammates who sustained the most injuries, who played with the most energy, who brought the best snacks, and more! Cheers to a great season, Cuttlefish!

Why do we call ourselves the Cuttlefish??

Well, back in 1991, Muller joined a new Designer Volleyball League, a small league that invited engineering and design firms to engage in light competition with some 6x6 grass volleyball. After a season or two with a common volleyball team name, the Muller team felt it needed a more unique name for its squad. One day they pulled out the dictionary. It was on-hand because this was the early 90's and the internet was not yet consulted for such things.

Letting fate decide, they opened the dictionary to a random page, and blindly pointed a finger at a word. They looked down to see the following:




noun: cuttlefish; plural noun: cuttlefish; plural noun: cuttlefishes

a swimming marine mollusk that resembles a broad squid, having eight arms and two long tentacles that are used for grabbing prey. Its internal skeleton is cuttlebone, which it uses for adjusting buoyancy.


How lucky to land on a noun! And it definitely fit the unique criteria. After some brainstorming, the team paired this marine mollusk with an aquatic take on the name of a budding young Muller roadway engineer (who is now serving as our current President).

The name Al G. and the Cuttlefish was born and had the sticking power to last almost 30 years with no sign of stopping. 

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