Peoria Street Bridge over Sand Creek Bridge Repairs – City of Aurora

Muller performed an inspection and analysis of the bridge carrying Peoria Street over Sand Creek.  The bridge is slated for widening or replacement on a future project to widen Peoria Street in the area.  Due to some of the structural deficiencies in the bridge, Aurora wanted to complete some interim repairs on the bridge to keep the structure safe and operational until funding becomes available and widening/replacement occurs.

The bridge exhibited moderate spalling and extensive cracking at the ends of the pier caps on both piers. The noses of the piers, both upstream and downstream, also exhibited moderate to severe spalling.  Muller also observed cracking of the outside girder flanges and portions of the webs at the piers.  In addition, there was evidence of relatively minor scour action surrounding Pier 1 and the bikeway near the south abutment.

After conducting a field review, reviewing plans of the original structure and assessing the conditions of various structural elements, Muller prepared a report outlining alternatives for repair along with a recommended course of action.  Following City review and concurrence with the report, Muller prepared plans and specifications for the recommended bridge repairs.