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Civil Engineering Consulting Firm

Muller’s wide range of services support our mission of creating better places where we live, work, and serve. Together, our experts help from the beginning stages of identifying project funding through planning, design, and construction of the important public infrastructure systems our communities depend on.

From highways and trails to streams and water and wastewater utilities, Muller’s talented team of engineers and technical staff deliver efficient, creative, cost-effective, customized, and context-sensitive solutions for our clients. Working in concert with our engineering groups, our human resources, IT, GIS, marketing, accounting, finance, and administrative professionals provide the support needed to exceed our clients’ expectations.

In the last 5 years

OUR TEAM OFFERSa local presence larger than many national firms in the following fields:

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We specialize in river and stream restoration, erosion and sediment control, bridge and culvert scour mitigation, floodplain analysis and permitting, flood control, stormwater detention, and water quality as it pertains to urban runoff and its impact on adjacent waterways. We also provide drainage and storm sewer design, MS-4 permitting, permanent water quality Best Management Practices, as well as services during construction. 

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We are experts in planning and designing water distribution and sewer collection systems; pump stations for raw water, potable water, and sewage; and the design of irrigation canal structures and facilities. With these in-house capabilities, we can also take on any utility modification challenges that may arise during the design phases of transportation or drainage projects.

Transportation Planning & Design


We focus on the areas of transportation planning, urban and rural roadway design, interstate highway design, and design of multimodal transportation facilities, including complete streets, road diets, conventional and protected bike lanes, and multi-purpose trails. Transportation planning work encompasses transportation corridor plans, the development of innovative interchange and intersection concepts and designs, and CDOT’s 1601 Interchange Approval Process. Our trail projects traverse urban and rural corridors, and steep mountain canyons. We prepare planning and construction documents that allow our clients to provide safe, creative, and cost-effective transportation facilities to the traveling public in Colorado.

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Our traffic engineering services include corridor studies, safety assessments, active transportation planning and design, traffic operations modeling, signal timing optimization, and traffic control design. We also offer a broad range of transportation technology services including, the planning and design of communications networks, traffic & ITS systems engineering analysis, connected vehicles, and traffic management centers.

Structural & Bridge Design


We provide engineering design for both conventional and complex bridges and other structures, including roadway bridges, pedestrian bridges and underpasses, major box culverts, retaining walls, irrigation system facilities, foundations, hydraulic structures, and trails and concrete hardscaping. We also provide bridge inspections, load ratings, construction-related services, and design of bridge repairs and rehabilitation. Our bridge projects range from stream crossings and pedestrian bridges to multi-span highway and railroad structures over waterways, roadways, and other features.

Environmental Services


We have extensive environmental experience working on stormwater and transportation projects where we delicately balance effective design and compliance for projects in environmentally sensitive areas. We apply a collaborative approach early in the process to identify sensitive habitats, comply with government environmental regulations, obtain necessary permits and approvals, and communicate with stakeholders and other interest groups. We provide Planning and Environmental Linkage documents; NEPA documents; project definition, purpose and need, and alternatives analysis; documentation of social and natural resources; impact analysis and mitigation/permitting documentation; Section 4(f) evaluations; and environmental compliance commitment tracking and permitting.

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With an emphasis on the business side of engineering and project management, our team helps clients navigate complex project delivery challenges. Through our careful project and task management support, our team helps secure funding, manage risk, control documentation, and reduce audit vulnerabilities. We focus on strategic planning, program development, alternative project delivery, owner’s representation and support services, and incident command support. 

Two people collaborating on a map in a conference room, utilizing services.Two people collaborating on a map in a conference room, utilizing services.
Public, Agency, and Stakeholder engagement
A man is utilizing services to study a map being displayed on two monitors.A man is utilizing services to study a map being displayed on two monitors.
CADD-Bentley Suite & AutoDesk
A map displaying the services available on a hiking trail.A map displaying the services available on a hiking trail.
Risk & Resiliency Assessments
Four construction workers providing services next to a hole in the ground.Four construction workers providing services next to a hole in the ground.
Construction Observation
A three-dimensional model showcasing the magnificence of mountainous terrain alongside a serene river.A three-dimensional model showcasing the magnificence of mountainous terrain alongside a serene river.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
A series of pictures showing a bike path and a road highlighting their services.A series of pictures showing a bike path and a road highlighting their services.
Visualizations & Animation
A stack of brochures showcasing various services.A stack of brochures showcasing various services.
Securing Funding, including Grant Writing

additional expertiseProviding Value Beyond Our Primary Services

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Visualization & Animations
  • Risk & Resiliency Assessments
  • Securing Funding, including Grant Writing
  • Public, Agency, and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Construction Observation
  • CADD – Bentley Suite and AutoDesk
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