SH 7 Flood Damage Repairs, Estes Park to SH 72 (Peak to Peak Scenic Byway) - CDOT Region 4

This project includes the hydraulic analysis for a repair and widening project along SH 7 between Estes Park and SH 72 (near Raymond), Colorado. This segment of state highway was damaged by the extreme rainfall event in September 2013 and CDOT used the route as a detour around US 34 in Big Thompson Canyon and haul route to and from Estes Park in the aftermath of the flood.  The planned improvements for 19.25 miles of SH 7 between Estes Park and the junction with SH 72 near Raymond include hydraulic improvements to provide resilience against future storm events. 

Muller prepared the final design plans for all the hydraulic improvements throughout the corridor.  These include a number of culverts and ditches.  Some of the culverts are large and steep and require additional outlet protection.  Some of the protection measures include grouted boulder outlet protection and an articulated block rundown.  Repairs were also completed on the aesthetic pond at St. Malo.   Additional improvements were also completed on SH 7E through Allenspark.

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