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Boomfield, Colorado

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The City and County of Broomfield hired Muller to design this pedestrian bridge and trail, which provides an important connection between the US 36 bike path, Interlocken, and the Lac Amora neighborhood. The project provides a direct connection across railway right-of-way and eliminates what was previously a lengthy 2-mile trail detour. The project had been envisioned for over a decade but was complicated by the need for a grade-separated crossing of the railway.

Muller’s design included a 230-foot steel Warren truss bridge to span the entire railway right-of-way. The use of a long, single span expedited the railway’s approval process, resulted in fewer interruptions to railway activities, and reduced construction duration as compared with a multiple span crossing. Gently ramped approaches and tall walls were necessary on either end of the bridge to achieve the required vertical clearance over the railway.

The bridge is illuminated at night via downward-facing LEDs installed in the handrails. This placement reduces glare and improves pedestrian safety.

Muller’s design staff proactively coordinated with the BNSF Railway and the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to minimize review and permitting times, which kept the project on schedule.

The bridge has become known as “Shep’s Crossing” to commemorate a dog that played a unique role in the history of the Boulder Turnpike and Broomfield.


City and County of Broomfield


Structural & Bridge Design
Stormwater & Floodplain Management
Traffic Engineering & ITS



1 Pedestrian Bridge | 2 Curb Ramp Improvements and Upgrades | 1 Railroad Crossings / Coordination | 31 Feet of Storm Drain | 1 Traffic Signal Designed |
0.2 Mile of Trails




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