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John Hausman

John D. Hausman, PE, PTOE

Associate | Senior Project Manager, Traffic & ITS

Employee since 2014

Shareholder since 2022

John is a senior project manager, leading a team of Traffic and ITS experts who focus on traffic and transportation design and operations analysis.

His professional experience includes signal design, signing, and striping design, construction traffic control and phasing design, system-level feasibility studies and interchange modification studies, and railroad crossing design and coordination. John is proficient with traffic operation modeling and forecasting software including Synchro, HCS, and Rodel.

In addition to traffic design and analysis, John focuses on incorporating multimodal transportation elements into projects, including bicycle and pedestrian facilities. John also has extensive experience in preparing conceptual phasing plans and designing construction traffic control strategies for project construction.

John is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer, and a professional engineer in Colorado and Wyoming.

John is a member of the Muller Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee. He has also held leadership positions and participated in multiple Denver LGBTQ organizations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Bike/Pedestrian Design
  • Traffic & Transportation Design
  • Traffic Signal Design and Timing
  • Signing & Striping Design
  • Traffic Studies
  • Construction Phasing and Traffic Control Design
  • Interchange System Level Studies
  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Railroad Coordination
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