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Karl E. Buchholz, PE, PTOE

Principal | Group Manager, Traffic & ITS

Employee since 2008

Shareholder since 2014

As the leader of Muller’s Traffic Engineering & ITS group, Karl oversees our traffic engineering services, including corridor studies, safety assessments, active transportation planning and design, traffic operations modeling, signal timing optimization, and traffic control design. Karl’s background includes 11 years at local agencies providing him with a combination of public and private sector experience and an in-depth understanding of agency needs, public policy, and fiscal responsibility. Karl understands the importance of listening and responding to stakeholder input while ensuring that corridor safety and traffic operations are not compromised. Karl is a licensed professional engineer in Colorado and a professional traffic operations engineer. He is a member of the Institute of Engineers, Transportation Research Board, and the Women’s Transportation Seminar.

Areas of Expertise

  • Traffic Signal Design and Signal Systems
  • Municipal Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Transportation Planning
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