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Nathan D. Algoe, PE

Associate | Senior Project Manager, Traffic & ITS

Employee since 2015

Shareholder since 2019

Nate is a Senior Project Manager and leads a team of Traffic and ITS experts who focus on a broad range of transportation technology services, including the planning and design of communications networks, ITS architecture, systems engineering analysis, connected vehicle applications, and traffic management centers. He is adept at leading stakeholders through the Systems Engineering Analysis process for ITS, with the goal of learning and educating about the use of technology, and ensuring technology is deployed only when it is the “right” solution, not just because it may be the most elegant one. He leads the delivery of traffic analysis, traffic design, and ITS design deliverables on many of Muller’s large multidisciplinary roadway projects. Over the course of Nate’s career, he has been involved in more than a dozen alternative delivery projects, including design-builds, public-private partnerships, and CM/CGs. This experience means that Nate can offer traffic- and ITS-related insights that balance life-cycle cost, maintenance considerations, and integration with all major civil engineering disciplines. Recently Nate led the delivery of the design of 37 traffic signals and 12 miles of ITS and communications infrastructure on the $1B Central 70 project in Denver. Nate is a professional engineer in Colorado and a member of the Institute of Engineers. With Muller, Nate is involved in the Community Outreach group, and enjoys leading Muller’s volunteering efforts with Habitat for Humanity.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • ITS Planning and Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Communications and Network Design
  • Smart Mobility Applications
  • Alternative Delivery Projects
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