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Mill Levy 23 Traffic Signals - South Yosemite Street

Denver, Colorado

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This project involved the redesign and reconstruction of three new traffic signals and the design of a new signal installation within Denver. The locations of these traffic signals are at the following intersections:

  1. East Nassau Avenue and South Yosemite Street
  2. East Mansfield Avenue and South Yosemite Street
  3. East Kenyon Avenue and South Yosemite Street
  4. East Jefferson Avenue and South Yosemite Street

In addition to the traffic signal upgrades, the project includes improvements to curb ramps, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and corner curb returns at each intersection for enhanced pedestrian access. Ramp improvements were designed to Denver and ADA standards. In addition, minor storm drainage improvements were made to accommodate the pedestrian curb ramps.

The Muller team provided surveying and subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services, including the establishment of existing right-of-way and the location of CCD Range Points. The project scope included preparing project plans and specifications for CCD’s Transportation and Mobility group and review by Engineering, Regulatory, and Analytics (ER) staff.

Muller also developed traffic signal timing plans for the project corridor between I-225 and Hampden Avenue. Muller traffic engineers used Synchro to optimize cycle lengths, phase sequences, phase splits, and intersection offsets. Signal timing deliverables include work orders prepared using Denver’s TEAMS work order system.  The TEAMS work orders were reviewed and approved by Transportation Design with additional fine-tuning, as necessary. Along with the signal timing work, Muller assessed left-turn delay warrants at the four study intersections. The results of the warrant studies were implemented as protected/permissive phasing within the updated traffic signal timing plans.


City and County of Denver


Traffic Engineering & ITS
Transportation Hydraulics


4 Intersection Designs | 4 Traffic Signal Designs |  32 Curb Ramp Improvements and Upgrades

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